Did the promise of the headline pique your interest? It did for us, the super-rare screamer that is the Lexus LFA and one of the sexiest recent concept cars, side-by-side, on track! It didn’t turn out that way, unfortunately, but it’s still good to see the duo together, living proof that Lexus can make desirable cars for those who love cars.

The Lexus LF-LC Concept was first shown at Detroit 2012, where the red stunner won the EyesOn Design Award for best concept car. Lexus then brought one to the Sydney Motor Show, wearing a handsome Opal Blue suit. So far this year, it has made stops at the Thai Motor Expo and Seoul Motor Show.

Recently, Wards’s Auto reported that the Lexus LF-LC has been pretty much green lighted for production as a coupe with a price tag similiar to the flagship Lexus LS limo, according to Lexus VP of marketing Brian Smith. They should, just because it looks so good. Gallery here.