mitsubishi attrage

It looks like the timing wasn’t quite stated correctly – the Nikkei initially reported that the new Mitsubishi Mirage sedan was set to arrive at the end of fiscal 2013, which would make it sometime early next year, a rather far away point.

UPDATE: We’ve driven the Mitsubishi Attrage – click here to read the review

Well, MMC has just announced that the car will be launched into the Thai market in July, and the official name for the series production version of the car previewed in Bangkok as the Concept G4 in March has also been released.

The car will be known as the Mitsubishi Attrage. No idea how they came out with that one, really, though a search reveals that the filing date for the name was made on October 29 last year. Hafriz ventures that it might be an amalgamation of the words ‘attractive’ and ‘Mirage’, which probably wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

Anyway, the Attrage is pretty much the booted form of the Mirage, and so will have most of the hatch’s mechanicals and equipment. It shares the same 1.2 litre 3A92 three-cylinder MIVEC unit, which offers 78 PS at 6,000 rpm and 100 Nm at 4,000 rpm, with CVT or five-speed manual transmission choices.

The Attrage, which like its Mirage sibling qualifies for the Thai government’s Eco-car Project, will be produced at Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s Factory Three at the Laem Chabang plant located in Chonburi. No view of the rear as yet, but save the shiny chrome grill on the production model, the front doesn’t veer from Theophilus Chin’s rendering of the car.