Mitsubishi Concept G4-06

Here’s the Mitsubishi Concept G4, a 2013 Bangkok Motor Show debutant previewing a new Thai eco car that will also be sold globally, according to MMC. Based on the Mirage hatchback, think of this as Mitsubishi’s version of the Honda Brio Amaze sedan, a booted spinoff from the Brio eco car.

Design highlights include a short nose, which MMC says delivers outstading forward vision and maneuverability. Mitsu also draws us to the car’s “graceful and flowing side proportions” that balances “interior space among the most generous in its class with very sleek aerodynamics.”

There’s also a dynamic character line that kicks up towards the rear, which MMC says will leave a “sharp impression as it drives off into the distance.” No dimensions were given.

The Mirage‘s main selling point is fuel efficiency, and the Concept G4 plans to acheive the same from the same ingredients – RISE body that’s the lightest in class, a lightweight and compact engine and a CVT gearbox. These will be in addition to “uncompromising weight reduction throughout.”

What do you think? Does the Mitsubishi Concept G4 look like the just-superseded Toyota Vios, especially from the rear?