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This is the clearest spyshot of the upcoming Proton P2-30A Global Small Car yet, thanks to reader Hakim Hashim. Proton’s upcoming hatchback was sighted at the PLUS Ulu Bernam rest area.

Some features of the new Proton hatchback that we noticed from this spyshot:

  • It seems to have rather large headlamps, which can be a good thing as if executed well, as it can lend the small hatchback a funkier design and spice it up. For the target market, the car has to look youthful.
  • The upper grille has two horizontal slats, with a Proton badge in the middle. This seems to be a departure from the Proton ‘wings’ grille, which typically features a single bar running across the grille.
  • The car has a large lower grille that’s trapezoidal. The grille is wider at the bottom but the bottom curves inwards like the Proton EMAS Concept instead of having a sharp edge like lower grille on the Lotus CityCar Concept. It also has multiple horizontal slats, with the number plate mounted on the grille.
  • The door handles are of the grab type rather than the lift type.
  • Wing mirrors have signal indicators, and for the first time on a Proton they are mounted on the door instead of at the A-pillar.
  • The rear headrest seems to be pretty close to the rear windscreen, which could mean there isn’t much luggage room in this car. Remains to be seen.
  • The engine hood has some disguise taped on it but it looks like it has two lines running across the middle, similiar to the Preve.

We expect the P2-30A Global Small Car to be launched in the first half of 2014. Anything else you can notice? You can click on the spyshot for an enlarged image. Share your findings with us in the comments.