The latest in rising costs for Malaysians travelling to Singapore and vice versa comes in the form of a toll hike for motorists using the Johor Causeway effective August 1 2014. The toll hike is imposed on all vehicles passing through the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) building.

The current toll charges are RM2.90 for private passenger cars, and this is a one way charge. The new toll charges for cars is RM6.80 when you leave Malaysia and RM9.70 when you re-enter Malaysia, effectively increasing the toll charge from RM2.90 to RM16.50 for a round trip.

But this is not all – you also have to pay toll for crossing over at the Singapore side. The current toll charged at the Singapore side is S$1.20 (approximately RM3.07). But that will not be for long.

In response to this increase in toll at the Malaysian side, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority said Singapore will be matching them in due course. According to the LTA, it has been Singapore’s practice to peg its tolls to match those set by Malaysia at the Causeway and the Second Link.

Other than the RM16.50 and S$1.20 toll charges, Malaysia motorists will also have to pay S$35 (RM90) for a Vehicle Entry Permit. Thankfully, the VEP is exempted on Saturdays, Sundays and Singapore Public Holidays, 10 normal weekdays per calendar year, and between 5pm to 2am on all other days.