Proton_Perdana_Accord_ 003

Other than a preview of the 2016 Proton Perdana, the Proton Styling Studio will also host the “Evolution of the Perdana” showcase this weekend. On display will be the old Proton Perdana V6 Executive, alongside three different versions of the Honda Accord-based, government-use Perdana “phase one” model.

You’d have seen the V6 and standard black/grey Perdana on public roads, of course. What’s more interesting are the two stretched versions of the vehicle: one elongated by 18 inches (for Malaysian ministers), and an even longer one, stretched by 32 inches.

Both vehicles will be unlocked and fully accessible by Alami Proton visitors. You can step inside and see just how much space the stretched cars have.

The longest version on display is a very unique one indeed, as it was customised by Proton Chairman Tun Mahathir himself. The rear quarters is massive to say the least, with two individual seats finished in striking bright red leather.

There are unique touches up front too. Tun M’s car appears to be a test-bed of sorts for Proton engineers, as it features a centrally-placed push start button, an electronic parking brake and get this, a Jaguar-style rotary gear selector.

Do come by to Alami Proton this weekend to check out the cars up close and personal. We at will also cover the event extensively with live reports and photos tomorrow.