Proton_Perdana_Accord_ 003

We’ve reported on the new Proton Perdana based on the eighth-generation Honda Accord various times, but this is the first time we’ve been able to snap detailed photos of it in the metal.

This Proton Perdana 2.4P is the official ride of none other than Proton executive chairman Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil. We normally see him in an Audi A8L with the number plate DR13 (DRB), but at a DRB-Hicom media event that happened over the weekend, he used this Perdana with the plate W2239L. No, he doesn’t get the special stretched version, as that’s reserved for the Prime Minister.

The 2.4P is the more premium version of the two models available. The other is the 2.0E, which we sighted being transported on a trailer recently. The 2.0E has smaller seven double-spoke wheel compared to the five double-spoke wheel design on the 2.4P.

Other than unique sets of alloys, other changes include revised grille and bumpers, removal of the non-functional bit of tail lamp on the boot lid, and additional chrome on the boot lid. There are no changes to the interior except for a Proton badge on the steering wheel.

This is first phase of the ‘Perdana Replacement Model’ project, consisting of 3,000 units for government use. In the second phase, the car will be developed further for a general market introduction in two years.

The Perdana that you and me can buy will continue to be based on the Accord, but will have a completely new exterior and interior, according to Mohd Khamil.

Perdana 2.4P and 2.0E on a trailer

Hi-res shots from the Dec 11 handover ceremony