We have here a set of pics featuring the new Proton Perdana on a trailer, courtesy of reader Oon HL. Travelling on the SKVE near Serdang Hospital heading north, the trailer was ferrying two units of the ‘Accordana’ and a Suprima S on the top deck.

The new Perdana, based on the previous-gen Honda Accord, was handed over to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak on December 11 last year. The PM gets a stretched version of the Perdana with the W11N number plate, but other top government officials will ride in the standard wheelbase car.

Here, we see two variants of the Perdana – a 2.0L model and a 2.4L version – identifiable by the wheels the cars are wearing. The unit at the back of the truck is the 2.0L, with smaller rims that are also less sporty in design. These wheels haven’t been seen before on both Proton and Honda models.


Wheels aside, the Perdana features minor design differences at the front and rear ends compared to the donor car. Inside, the only visible change is a Proton badge on the steering wheel.

This is first phase of the ‘Perdana Replacement Model’ project, consisting of 3,000 units for government use. In the second phase, the car will be developed further for a general market introduction in two years time. The Perdana that you and me can buy will continue to be based on the Accord, but will have a completely new exterior and interior, according to Proton executive chairman Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil.

The December 11 Proton Perdana post was the most viewed story on in 2013, which is rather surprising as the subject is a car none of us can buy. See the other nine top of the year here.

Hi-res shots from the Dec 11 handover ceremony