The successor to the S80 was previously pictured in spyshots. More recently it was seen again in the form of a model car in China. Now, the brand is revealing the Volvo S90’s handling for the first time, but not in a conventional way.

According to Peter Mertens, Senior VP of research and development at Volvo, the S90’s handling was developed with the help of this simulator. Called the Vi-Grade chassis simulator, he says that there are only two others in the world – one in Maranello (Ferrari) and the other in Stuttgart, Zuffenhausen (Porsche).

If that’s any indication to go by, the S90’s handling might prove to be a worthy match against premium mid-sized segment sedans. “We use this at our secret proving grounds around the world to develop and then fine-tune the driving experience even before we have started to build the cars,” Mertens said.

In addition to the handling, Martens also noted that the brand has been investing much of its effort and money to enhance the Volvo driving experience. “We have employed the best engineers and are using the latest and greatest technology, to ensure that we really deliver something special and very distinctive.”

Sitting on the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) the S90 is expected to have much of its aesthetics carried over from the new Volvo XC90, this includes the signature “Thor’s hammer” headlamps. Aside from that, it will also share the same 2.0 litre range of engines along with a T8 twin-charged plug-in hybrid unit as well.

GALLERY: Volvo S90 Spyshots