This could be what the new Volvo S90 looks like, revealed in the form of photos of a scale model posted to a Chinese website. The S90 will be Volvo’s flagship sedan, replacing the aging Volvo S80 in the Swedish company’s line-up.

Styling is influenced by previous concepts like the Volvo Concept Coupe. You can see a common family face with the new XC90, down to the now signature “Thor’s hammer” daytime running lights integrated into the S90’s headlamps.


We have mixed feelings about the rear though – those tail lamps look huge. They’re C-shaped like the XC90 without the bits going up on the D pillars because there’s no D pillars on a sedan, but the XC90’s tail lamps look better, being more of a slimmer C shape flanking the rear hatch’s sheet metal.

The new S90 will be based on the sale Scalable Product Architecture platform as the XC90, and will share the same engine range which consists of 2.0 litre four cylinder engines in different states of tune, topped by a hybrid T8.