It’s here, the “Future” and the Toyota Mirai. The latest Back to the Future (BTTF) collaboration ad from Toyota starts with a clip of the Doc filling rubbish into the Mr. Fusion energy reactor to give the DeLorean time machine power.

The next part is a clip of the previous ad, “Diner,” where Mischa, a real scientist, invites both Christopher Lloyd and Micheal J. Fox (as themselves), to preview a car that actually runs on rubbish. He hurriedly leaves to collect trash so he can showcase this tech. Although we already know that the Mirai also runs on bullsh*t, the next part gets interesting.

It seem the Mirai is also powered by trash, well not exactly. Mischa explains that rubbish is collected and then decomposed to produce biogas. The gas – in purified form – is then siphoned to a facility to be combined with natural gases, which in turn produces hydrogen. The hydrogen is then piped to kiosks, where the Mirai can be refuelled.

Arriving after the detailed explanation is the Toyota Mirai in the flesh, and in true Back to the Future fashion, of course. The video ends with the Mirai driving off, off into tomorrow perhaps (excuse the pun). The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle that makes 153 hp and does 0-100 km/h in nine seconds. Estimated driving for the Mirai is 502 km on a single tank of hydrogen.

Toyota said recently that the Mirai could breed sub-models in years to come. That’s depending on consumer maturity, which, like the Prius, took some time to achieve awareness. Also, depending on whether a “breakthrough” can be achieved on the manufacturing of the Mirai’s fuel cell stack, according to its chief engineer, Yoshikazu Tanaka. Hopefully Toyota has its very own “Great Scott” moment too.