Prodrive is a racing and engineering establishment based in Banbury, UK. It designs, constructs and races cars such as Subarus, Aston Martin, and BAR. It also does engineering consultation and design for car manufacturers. I’m sure most of you have heard of Prodrive from the Prodrive tuned Subaru Imprezas.

Prodrive has recently constructed a concept vehicle called the Prodrive P2. The 2 seater sports car uses Subaru’s Impreza STi engine and all-wheel drive system. Prodrive has also equipped the Prodrive P2 with it’s active handling, ATD and anti-lag system from the Subaru WRC cars.

While there are no plans to put the car into production, Prodrive says an estimated price tag would be about 40,000 pounds. It will be unveiled at the 2006 Autosport International Show in Birmingham.

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