380vrx-small.JPGWe have some comments from Proton now regarding the Perdana Replacement Model project. Unfortunately, as expected we have to source this from foreign papers. This piece of news comes from the Australian paper the Herald Sun, reported by Bernama. Proton’s head for product planning and programme engineering Bob Hall commented to Australian journalists regarding the possible import of the Australian market Mitsubishi 380 as Proton’s flagship replacement for the aging Proton Perdana.

The Perdana is so far past its use-by date. It’s (the Mitsubishi 380 Perdana Replacement Model study project) still alive. It’s a heavily-studied project.

While the original plan was to bring the cars in fully imported as CBU models, this would push the prices of the Perdana Replacement Model far too high to be competitive. Proton now plans to import CKD kits and assemble it locally to save on non-ASEAN CBU import duties.

The report says Proton hopes to get the car with a 2.4 litre motor, which was also a concern of Mitsubishi’s due to rising petrol prices in Australia which are currently approaching A$1.50 (RM4.20) a litre. A 3.8 litre engine would be unfeasible for our local market, and a likely 2.4 litre candidate would be the 4G64 2.4 litre engine or the 4G69 (160hp, 212Nm) which is a derivative of the 4G64 with MIVEC variable valve timing as well as other enhancements found in the USDM Mitsubishi Galant.

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