The production version of the Infiniti EX Concept revealed earlier in March this year has been unveiled to the public. The new Infiniti EX SUV comes in EX35 guise and features Nissan’s fourth generation VQ35HR 3.5 litre V6 engine putting out 290 horsepower. All that power is channeled through all four wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission and Nissan’s new ATTESA E-TS (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split) all-wheel drive system.

Infiniti calls this one a crossover coupe of sorts, putting it head to head against the upcoming BMW X6 crossover. Infiniti says for the moment since there are no other crossover SUV-coupes in that price segment it’s direct rivals are the BMW X3 3.0si and the Audi A4 3.2 V6 FSI quattro avant station wagon.

Other neat features include Around View Monitor (AVM) which uses four small cameras to give the driver a top-down view of the vehicle perimeter for parking assistance. It also has “Scratch Shield”, a special clearcoat paint that uses a special highly elastic resin which automatically repairs scratches such as fingernail scratches under door handles. This repair process takes anytime between one day to one week depending on ambient temperature and scratch depth. Scratch Shield remains effective up to 3 years.

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