Toyota Vios campaign

[ LATEST UPDATE: Click here to find out more details on the Toyota Vios that will be available here in Malaysia, straight from the Malaysian press preview launch! ]

Toyota definitely seems to be intent on making sure all of us know the new Toyota Vios is on it’s way to showrooms. If you check out the Toyota Vios teaser page this week, you should have noticed a link to a new microsite: My Design, My Pride.

Think of it as a way to let you see if an airbrush artist specialising in the Toyota Vios could be one of your possible career paths. You are free to use your own imagination and create your own design on a virtual blank outline of the Toyota Vios. Its mostly modifying the car’s paintjob to your liking, not more advanced stuff like bumper modification and adding spoilers and etc. Once you’re done, you can submit it and you can also download your design as a wallpaper. Then you can proceed to do more designs or vote on other people’s submitted designs.

The top 3 designs will win a Panasonic DVD camcorder each, and will be featured in ads taken up in local newspapers, so it’s a shot for you to get the whole nation to look at your designs. Art students: this should be a good chance to add to your portfolio. I’ll be sending in some of my own “attempts” at a design as well, we can share our creations in the Photoshop and Design section of the forum later perhaps?

The Vios outsells all of it’s same segment competitors here, so despite divided public opinion there is much reason for Toyota to be very proud of their B-segment compact sedan. In general, Toyota Vios (and Honda City) owners seem to be quite proud of their cars. For many, it is their first non-national car; a graduation from local makes and finally a step into the world of imports, even though now imported has taken a different meaning and the car comes into Malaysia as a CKD pack.

There are so many Toyota Vios owners who have customised their rides in so many ways – different wheels, different grilles, some with turbokits perhaps? One way of looking at it is that these are each individual owner’s own personal designs. It’s really built into all of us – why else are we so excited whenever Theophilus Chin or Chaku cooks up an artist impression of a newly launched car? I usually just keep it to personalised alloy wheels though.

My guess is that Toyota is trying to connect with that part of us through this whole My Design, My Pride campaign. A very subjective and emotional thing, but refreshing in the world of launch advertising where others usually just harp on features and/or price.

Toyota Vios truck
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There is also something else that reader Ben has sent in: some trucks have been going around the Damansara Heights area carrying white Toyota Vios models. They’ve also been spotted in Kepong and Sri Hartamas. Another reader Richard has spotted them and uploaded some photos here.

Some kind of teaser campaign leading up to the launch (tentatively 4th or 5th of October?). There’s really nothing hidden – it’s obviously the new Vios, just that it’s not a real car, just a white fibreglass model of sorts. It should give you an idea of how the Vios looks like in metal (albeit being an albino version), instead of just photos.

Let’s wait and see what happens the end of next week.

More photos after the jump.

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Toyota Vios truck
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Toyota Vios truck
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Toyota Vios truck
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