The new Proton BLM which will replace the age old Proton Saga is expected to be launched sometime in mid January 2008, with indicative pricing expected to be somewhere in the RM30,000 range, with perhaps a basic “BLM Lite” model that dips just under the RM30,000 mark.

The new car is based off the Proton Savvy platform but its wheelbase may and most probably will be extended to allow for greater interior room. Here is a list of spyshots of the car spotted on public roads:

  • New Proton BLM sighted with minimal disguise on the road!HOT! LATEST SPYSHOT: A Proton BLM without any disguise except for its Proton badges removed has been snapped on the road – the strange thing about this particular car is it had a proper registration plate and even a road tax sticker instead of carrying trade plates!
  • Black and white Proton BLM spyshot – This post shows the Proton BLM from a side view. For the first time the car has also been spotted without steel wheels, so you can see an attractive 7-spoke alloy wheel design.
  • New Proton BLM Spyshot – The car in these shots are covered up quite heavily with tape but you can see the shape of the headlamps which seem quite Toyota Altezza-like, as well as the sporty front bumper design (looks rather like a BMW M Sport bumper actually) which feature a prominent lower air intake. The car is a shade of green, so now we know one of the colour options.
  • Another rear shot of the Proton BLM – This post is one of the first few spyshots of the Proton BLM. This angle makes it look very much like a sedan version of the Proton Savvy, but not much detail is revealed.
  • Clearer Proton BLM Side Profile Spyshots – These nice shots of a white BLM were snapped by a Lensa Malaysia photography forum member with a rather good camera, so the shots turned out pretty clear.
  • Proton BLM Artist’s Impression by MaruPAULTAN.ORG Forumer Maru whipped up these 2D impressions of a Proton BLM, who based it on a Proton Savvy but modified it to look like a 3-box sedan.
  • Is this the new Proton BLM? – This is the very first sighting of the Proton BLM on this blog – not much detail can be seen in this photo except the fact that the car is white in colour and the rear tail lamps seem to be detailed with a mix of crystal-like red and white.

For those who have sent in photos of the Proton BLM fully undisguised, I have received them and I appreciate the kindness but unfortunately I am unable to post them up.

In these times where many parties take legal action against websites it is unsafe to publish the photos because the undisguised car was snapped inside a private building and not on public roads.