Proton BLM Undisguised
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Now this is something really really strange. The upcoming replacement for the Proton Saga codenamed the Proton BLM has been spotted on the road, without any camouflage, and registered! Yes, the car had a proper number plate instead of a trade plate, but I’ve censored it off these photos. If you notice, there’s even a road tax sticker on the windscreen. The car only had its Proton badges removed/covered up, but other than that it shows pretty much the full details of the car.

The Proton BLM looks rather decent, and the rear will remind people of the outgoing Mercedes Benz W203 C-Class. Proton has taken the conservative route to the BLM’s styling as it has to have a huge mass appeal, and being safe is always a good idea when it comes to designing a car for volume sales, just look at Toyota’s design language. There are no oddities like the step-up window line of the Savvy, or the bling turbine wheels of the Satria Neo.

It looks like a nice, compact and anonymous-looking small B-segment sedan, with a boot that looks like it could store an estimated 400 to 450 litres of luggage. If Proton continues its new philosophy of designing cars for the consumers, expect nifty conveniences such as hinges that do not intrude into boot space, a decent amount of interior storage space, and a frugal 1.3 litre engine with both manual and automatic gearboxes.

The interior design should take cues from the current Proton Saga, which has had its interior updated with the latest facelift. Expect the interior to be a sensible one, something more Persona than Satria Neo – this means no crazy bright blue lights to light up your meter panel unlike the current Saga interior.

The word through the grapevines is that Proton is looking to a launch date sometime in the first half of January 2008. I cannot wait to see the old Proton Saga finally replaced! Not sure what the name is, but Proton might decide to keep the Proton Saga name for continuity, just like how it kept the Persona name for its new Wira replacement, as Persona was the Wira’s export name.

Spyshots snapped by 0hmyg0d and posted with permission.

Two more spyshots after the jump.

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Proton BLM Undisguised
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Proton BLM Undisguised
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