Lamborghini Estoque

Autocar UK has a few more details on the upcoming production version of the Lamborghini Estoque, which is expected to hit the showrooms by end-2011.

Apparently one of the engine choices available will be a re-tuned 5.2 litre direct injection normally aspirated V10 engine with 500 PS and 610Nm of torque. I’m not sure how they’re going to manage such an impressive torque to displacement ratio – even about 560Nm for a 5.2 litre engine would be impressive, but I think quite achievable.

The engine currently makes 560 PS and 540Nm in the LP560-4 and I think the whole idea is to increase torque over a wider rev range but produce less power at a lower peak RPM. An example of cars with a rather high normally aspirated torque to displacement ratio is the E46 M3 CSL with 365Nm from its 3.2 litre S54B32 engine, and the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR with 435Nm from a 3.8L engine, which are coincedentally both about 114Nm per litre. 610Nm from a 5.2 would be 117.3Nm per litre! If Lamborghini manages to achieve 114Nm per litre it would mean about 593Nm of torque.

Some other powertrains are also being considered, including… surprise, surprise… a diesel powertrain! Lamborghini’s R&D chief Maurizio Reggiani says fans need not worry as diesels will never find their way into Lamborghini’s supercars, but the Estoque represents an opportunity to develop a turbodiesel engine or even a turbocharged petrol engine for the car as it would suit the car’s driving pattern, plus Lamborghini needs to improve its fleet’s CO2 figures. Thus, a twin turbo petrol V8 or a turbodiesel V8 is possible, as are mild hybrid systems.

Reggiani also revealed that the Estoque is based on an all-new platform (and not based on the Audi A8 as some have speculated) with components sourced from the Gallardo and other areas in the Volkswagen parts bin, which indicates some form of parts sharing with the A8, but not the platform itself.

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