E-Class Coupe

According to the latest scoop from Autocar, there will be no new CLK63 AMG, or rather the E-Class Coupe AMG since the CLK has been replaced by the E-Class Coupe. You see, the CLK has always been somewhat an odd product, as it looks like an E-Class coupe (shown above) but was based on C-Class underpinings, until the latest version of course where not only it is based on the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz decided to rename it to an E-Class coupe to better reflect its new positioning.

“We had a good look where it would fit into the line-up and eventually came to the conclusion it would be too close to the CLS63 AMG, both in positioning and price,” said a Mercedes-Benz source. That is quite true actually, as the E-Class Coupe and CLS are both “coupe” versions of the E-Class, just that the CLS has its own unique styling and 4-doors. But still, it doesn’t really make sense.

At that sort of price levels, exclusivity and profit margins, who are they to deny a potential customer from his very own proper 2-door (instead of CLS 4-door) D-segment AMG car if he wanted it? I bet it will happen sooner or later. And isn’t the E-Class AMG so much closer to the upcoming new CLS AMG, hint hint: 4 doors?!

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