Proton Exora MT

The new Proton Exora with manual transmission is now on the market and it’s only available in the M-Line trim level, which means basics without fancies like DVD players and GPS units, cloth seats, alloy wheels, and some body-coloured parts instead of chrome bits. It’s priced at RM64,998 for the metallic version and RM64,548 for the solid-coloured version. No ultra-basic no frills Exora B-Line in sight yet so far, but the manual transmission version is very welcome for those who want to save abit more fuel with the Exora, and the manual’s 12% transmission losses which is less than the automatic should result in more of the Campro CPS 125 horsepower going to the front wheels, thus improving the Exora’s lethargic acceleration.

Some of us have already had a go at an Exora equipped with a manual transmission during the prototype test drive and other than the fact that there’s more power that actually reaches the wheels, the manual model with more gear ratios also provides a little more flexibility with picking the right gear depending on the load on the engine. With the automatic model you tend to be working the 2nd gear most of the time, which means alot of high revving sometimes. The good news is NVH is significantly better than models like the Satria Neo so it isn’t that bad of a racket.

Next a B-Line model could come out, but the ultimate would be towards the end of next year where the Proton Exora with the Campro 1.6 Turbo will be launched. The Exora will finally get the engine it deserves and then you’ll have a combination of a very competitive price, good interior space, air conditioning all around, and a more relaxed engine that’s easier to drive because of more low end torque.

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