Goodyear DuraplusThe new Goodyear DuraPlus was launched recently in Malaysia and the company claims it is able to achieve mileage as much as 100,000km. That sounds like really good news for the budget-conscious consumer who just want to buy something, fit it on and forget about it for the next few years.

The 100,000km figure was obtained during Goodyear’s tests on company tracks in France and Luxembourg, as well as open roads in Thailand. According to Goodyear, 100,000km is a good estimate and the tyres actually lasted even longer during the tests. The tests were conducted using 185/65R14 tyres.

The key behind the durability of the DuraPlus is what they call TredLife Technology, which actually consists of a few key design features that enables the tyre to last longer. A wide face cavity leads to increased footprint and more wearable rubber in contact with the road. A higher land to sea ratio tread depth allows for more wearable rubber.

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The tyre also uses a carbon-based tread compound so the tire has a higher resistance to frictional wear, contributing to the tire’s long tread life and also increased mileage due to the lower rolling resistance. A new carcass design incorporating a stronger fabric that provides less resistance to tire rotation, leading to improved fuel efficiency. The tread pattern is asymmetric, placing more rubber on the outside shoulder of the tire, resulting in increased grip during cornering.

11 sizes are available in Malaysia, for 13 inch to 15 inch wheels. The Duraplus replaces the Goodyear GT3 in the Malaysian line-up.

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