There may be some hope for struggling Hispania Racing as news have recently surfaced that they may be sourcing technical support from Toyota’s Cologne-based operations. This comes after the announcement that the F1 team will not be using the current Dallara-designed Hispania F110 chassis for the 2011 series. Dallara is an Italian chassis company that also supplies chassis to IndyCar.

Questions about the Hispania team’s technical knowledge in the engineering department have also been called into question with the only experienced member of the team being Geoff Willis who is their Technical Director.

Toyota’s F1 team have “restructured to provide specialist solutions ranging from complete car development to individual component testing or production, aimed at the automotive or engineering sectors and beyond.”

Toyota’s F1 team being a ‘consultant’ to Hispania would probably include the never used before TF110 chassis which was previously promised to Stefan GP, but the memorandum of understanding with Stefan GP have lapsed and an extension looks highly unlikely.

A source close to the team says that negotiations between HRT and Toyota will end positively as questions about the F1 team’s financial uncertainty have been addressed.