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I was driving on the NKVE when I saw a car transporter ferrying Nissan cars. Thought nothing of it initially, but I took a second glance and realised that the two X-Trails on the bottom rung looked slightly different – they were indeed the second generation X-Trail and I duly whipped out my Nokia. Unlike the also soon to be launched Teana, there was no disguise attempt by Tan Chong for the X-Trail – maybe because it looks so similar to the outgoing model that they thought no one would have noticed!

Two X-Trails were on the move, one red and the other in grey. This isn’t the latest facelifted model recently launched in Japan but the pre-facelift car that’s assembled in Indonesia, also the source of X-Trails for Thailand. If you look closely at the tailgate, there’s a small half-blue badge on the right side, which I reckon says Xtronic CVT.

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Nissan’s slick CVT should be partnering the MR20DE 2.0-litre engine (also seen in the Sylphy) for the Malaysian market, a combo that’s also exported to Thailand. In Indonesia, the other engine option is a 2.5-litre four cylinder from the QR series, the same engine that powers our current X-Trail 2.5. Expect a 2WD version of the SUV without Nissan’s All Mode 4X4 system; shouldn’t be an issue for urban cowboys and families.

What else can we see from the pictures? Those decent looking five-spoke wheels are 16-inch items and the reverse lamps are mounted very low on the bumper. I’m guessing that most of the extra 175 mm in overall length over the old model is aft of the rear wheels, as that section looks a bit expanded – the new X-Trail’s 2,630 mm wheelbase is just 5 mm longer than before.

The launch is near and we will be driving the car soon, so watch this space!