Reader Fahmil spotted the elusive “Waja Lancer” soon to be launched out in the open near Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang last Friday, along with an Exora ‘escort’.

It was actually raining, and Fahmil was so excited that he jumped out of his car and snapped the new Waja in the rain!

The new Waja is essentially a badge engineered Mitsubishi Lancer and this particular car clearly already has the Proton nose applied on it as the front end is completely taped up.

You can see some horizontal bars on the front grille like the ones found on the Persona and the Exora though, so the family resemblance is definitely there.

Look after the jump for the rest of the photos.

GALLERY: New Proton Waja replacement based on Mitsubishi Lancer
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GALLERY: Proton Exora ‘escort’ for the Waja replacement
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