delphi charging 1

Imagine charging your EV at home without the need to plug it into anything. That’s precisely what Delphi Automotive and wireless energy transfer technology provider, WiTriCity, is seeking to offer – the two companies are working on developing a range of automatic wireless charging products for electric vehicles.

The wireless charging system would involve no plugs or charging cords. Drivers would simply park their electric vehicle over a wireless energy source that sits on the garage floor or embedded in a paved parking spot. The system will automatically transfer power to the battery charger that’s on the vehicle.

delphi charging 2

WiTricity’s patented wireless energy transfer technology, invented by a team of MIT physicists four years ago, makes use of highly resonant magnetic coupling, offering a transfer of over 3,300 watts – enough to fully charge an electric car at the same rate as most residential plug-in chargers. The system can efficiently transfer power over significantly larger distances and allow more parking-related vehicle misalignment than inductive systems.

Wireless charging technology will of course need to co-exist with plug-in charging solutions, the company states, so that electric vehicle drivers have the ability to charge their vehicle with something like Delphi’s portable electric charger – which fits into any standard AC outlet – when they’re away from their wireless charging source.