michelin acc 1

Now, you don’t have to be content with just having black rubber donuts on your ride if you’re into all things Michelin. An assortment of Michelin auto accessories can now be had – 23 in all from six different categories, to be exact, and the list includes wiper blades, foot pumps, car mats, tyre inflators, digital tyre gauges and air fresheners.

Among the products being introduced is the Electric Tyre Inflator, a portable tyre pump that can fully inflate a flat tyre in four minutes, ideal for sports equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and, if you happen to have one lying about, an inflatable boat.

michelin acc 2

Part of a wider collection of lifestyle-related Michelin products, the auto accessories are being brought in by Golden Alliance Lifestyle and are available exclusively at all Michelin dealers and Michelin Tyreplus outlets across the country, and are priced from RM16.50 to RM200.