The Ford Fiesta was quite prominently showcased in last year’s American Idol. There was even a segment where the top 12 finalists were given a chance to customize their own Fiestas to their own tastes with the help of designers. So far Ford has taken quite a fun approach to marketing the Fiesta which is in tune with its target audience and rather than just shove the car in your face with the USPs, we have things like the American Idol tie-up and the Ford Fiesta Movement in the US.

In Malaysia, we even had own own little Fiesta Movement which revolved around the Ford Fiesta in Malaysia Fan Page. And now we’ll be able to get a taste of this year’s American Idol as well, in SDAC’s Experience Fiesta, Experience Hollywood contest. Yes you got that right – Ford is currently having a contest where you stand a chance to win a trip to Hollywood for this year’s American Idol semi-final live show on a 5 Day 4 Night trip with accommodation and hotel/airport transfer in Los Angeles! There are a total of FIVE grand prizes! The contest runs from the 14th of February 2011 to the 31th of March 2011.

All you have to do is pay a visit to any SDAC Ford branch or Ford authorized dealer and test drive the Fiesta 1.6L Sport. Here’s where it gets interesting. Instead of just a normal test drive where the sales advisor prattles off the car’s features, Ford has actually prepared an interactive audio CD which will be played in the car and will guide you through the car’s features. After a 15 to 20 minute drive, you will actually be taught how to use the Voice Control feature to submit your contest entry via the mission center, which is basically a 1-800 toll-free number with an Interactive Voice Response you will call using the car’s Bluetooth hands-free system.

Just as a recap, the Fiesta 1.6L Sport has a 1.6 litre Ti-VCT engine, a 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, twin airbags, 16 inch alloy wheels, and of course, the Voice Control with Bluetooth feature which you will use to submit your contest entry. You can only join once so make your entry a good one – you will be prompted questions by the IVR system!

Existing Ford Fiesta owners and those who have booked the Fiesta but have yet to receive their cars are also eligible to join but you will still have to visit the Ford showroom to join and inform the sales advisors.