These days when a Proton test prototype goes out for a drive, sometimes it’ll have a piece of paper on its front or rear windshield that identifies what exactly is being tested.

For example, last month we saw a white pre-FL Proton Saga with a label that describes it as an IAFM+ CVT test vehicle, which we’re assuming means a 1.3 litre IAFM+ engine paired to a CVT gearbox.

This white and black Proton Exora’s label reveals that it is used for general durability testing of a certain powertrain combination. The figures seem to suggest they’re testing what they’re calling a Campro CFE engine paired to a CVT gearbox.

If you recall, we’ve seen the letters CFE used before. At last year’s KLIMS 2010, Proton exhibited an engine called the Campro CFE which was a 1.6 litre inline-4 cylinder engine with a light boost turbocharger that provides a power output equivalent to a 2.0 litre normally aspirated engine. Power figures cited was 138hp at 5,000rpm and 205Nm between 2000rpm to 4,000rpm.

An upgrade in power from a Campro Turbo would explain why the other black and white Exora prototype we saw had rear disc brakes.

We also saw a Proton prototype being tested in a snowy country earlier this year bearing the same “CFE” lettering on a dashboard sticker. The full words on the dashboard in that snow prototype was P3 – CFE TURBO CVT3 ESP.

Look after the jump for all related spyshots. Hat tip to reader Ahmad Afifi for snapping a close-up of the paper on the windscreen and sending this in to us! :)

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