Shell has officially launched the Shell Helix D-Academy contest which will see up to 30 participants win the grand prize of being invited to an event which will allow them to take part in special driving course dedicated to compact cars.

At the Shell Helix D-Academy, professional driving instructors will share valuable defensive driving skills, both in theory and in practice (practical training) with the participants. Participants will take home life-saving knowledge which will make them better drivers on the road, something the nation really needs.

With the Shell Helix D-Academy, they will learn how to control their vehicles, which in this case, compact cars with lower displacement engines in adverse driving conditions. This is part of Shell’s believe that protection should not only be given to the engine but also to the driver’s life.

This philosophy also applies to the Shell Helix HX7 E engine oil with its 5W-30 grade which achieves low viscosity at low temperatures. This simply means that the engine oil will be thin enough to flow during morning start-ups and thick enough to protect the engine when it is hot.

The Shell Helix HX7 E is also equipped with active cleansing agents that prevent dirt particles from sticking together to form sludge. Overall, the engine oil is able to offer up to 19% more protection than other tested synthetic-tecnohology oils, 1.8% more fuel economy compared to a 15W-40 mineral oil and smoother power delivery with reduced emissions.

To take part in the contest and put yourself in the running to win tickets to the event and other attractive prizes, all you need to do is to decorate your car in our Facebook application! Simply upload a photo of your car to the application and use the pre-loaded tools to decorate your car, as simple as that!

Top designs will be selected and winners will walk home with tickets to the Shell Helix D-Academy. Contest ends on January 29, 2012! Limited seats are available, so join now!

Good luck!