Yes, things are certainly looking up! for Volkswagen, for the automaker is set to present four different design studies of its city car in Geneva to showcase the versatility and potential of the cleverly compact critter.

First up on the list is the winter up!, which is based on the cross up! concept first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. The exterior is finished in a two-colour scheme, with the large body surfaces painted in Pure White, while Malibu Blue is used as a contrasting colour for the impact surfaces of the bumpers, the door mirror housings and the seam that runs parallel to the side windows.

Exterior accents are done in Anthracite, with a satin effect on wheel wells and side sills, and the raised ride height and underbody protection add to create a rugged look for the concept. Features include a roof rail-mounted snowboard holder, and the lockable unit allows up to four boards to be stowed – the carrier is also designed to carry six skis.

The interior colour matches the exterior colour precisely – the seats are upholstered in Peak White and Glacier Blue shades and upgraded with an embossed up! logo.

Then there’s the x up!, which is again based on the cross up!, but this time equipped for night-time expeditions, thanks to a roof box that comes with built-in searchlights. Burnt Orange metallic exterior paint is complemented on the inside by two-tone door inserts, a special gear shift grip and hand-sewn up! logos. Robust side panellings protect this up! on off-road terrain.

Third up is the cargo up! concept, which shows how you can load up the vehicle for city deliveries – this one offers a 1,400 litre or 426 kg payload ability. Powered by the entry-level 60 PS engine of the model series, the insides of this one, save the driver’s seat and cockpit, has all but been emptied to provide for a flat load area.

The car features a bulkhead – with the upper half made from Plexiglas – to separate cargo from driver, while the rear and rear side windows are body-coloured, keeping cargo safe from prying eyes. The ride height of the 929 kg vehicle has been raised by 15 mm.

There’s also a fastening system for tools and shipping crates. In addition to the standard storage bins in the centre console, the doors and rear side trim, more storage compartments – such as for documents, invoices and orders – are located to the right of the seat in two huge fabric-covered pockets.

Last up, the Swiss up! concept, which is a tribute to country hosting the show the cars will debut in. The vehicle depicts the colours of the Swiss flag, both inside and out – the exterior is finished in a Tornado Red shade, with Porcelain White mirror housings, a white dashboard fascia and red bezels around the air-condition vents being the main cues.

There’s even a leather band across the back of each front seat, and this can be used to store a Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife.