Chevrolet will build 69 of these COPO Camaros for 2012, the brand’s first purpose-built Camaro drag-racing car designed to compete in the NHRA’s Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes. To give you an idea, national records for quarter-mile times in these contests are in the nine-second range.

The COPO Camaro concept was first shown at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas, where the overwhelming response by more than 2,000 racing enthusiasts shaped the decision to make the car.

The 69-unit production for the COPO Camaro matches the number of “ZL-1” COPO Camaros made in 1969. COPO stands for Central Office Production Order and was Chevrolet’s special-order system in used by dealers to build high-performance models in the 60s.

The new COPOs will be built using factory “body-in-white” body structures produced at the Ontario plant that manufactures regular Camaros. They are the same body-in-white body shells available to all racers under Chevrolet Performance part number 19243374.

Three racing-class engine are available, including a naturally aspirated 427 (7.0L V8) and two supercharged 327 (5.3L V8) engines. The powerplants will be built at GM’s Performance Build Center, where the buyer can opt to participate in the engine assembly similar to Chevrolet’s Corvette Engine Build Experience and the Chevrolet Performance Build Your Own Crate Engine programs.

The engines will be paired to a Powerglide automatic transmission designed for drag racing. A special collector’s package offers all three engines with the COPO Camaro – including one installed in the car at delivery – with each engine serial number matched to the car.

NHRA racing spec means a solid axle and a full chrome moly roll cage. Inside, most of the standard sound deadening and power accessories have been deleted. Also included is a pair of racing bucket seats (no rear seats), a safety harness for the driver, a competition floor shifter and Chevrolet Performance gauges. Prices starts at $89,000.