You’ve seen the exterior of the Youngman Lotus T5 SUV, which made its debut in Beijing at Auto China 2012 a few days ago.

The interior was locked up by the time Jonathan was going about his coverage of it, but there was a small window of opportunity that presented itself when I popped over by the display as Datuk Syed Zainal was taking a closer look at the T5.

Apologies if the shots aren’t the snazziest (or for that matter, that plentiful, but it was a quick burst on the cam and then off on the next dash in an attempt to catch as much of the show as possible), as well as for the time lapse in getting them up – it’s only now that I’ve been able to really start sorting out the 1,800 shots I took!

As for the T5, it really does look rather delicious in the metal, and the interior, based on the glimpse, is equally snazzy. Oh, as an aside, based on some of the comments from the Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept post, many will like what’s coming up next week – you can presumably guess what the post will be about!