About 2 weeks ago we announced The Expendables 2 contest where winners will walk way with special passes to catch the action flick on August 15 2012, 9.00pm at GSC Tropicana City Mall. Well, we now have our 15 lucky winners, with each taking home a pair of passes :)

Furthermore, 4 winners will also receive The Expendables 2 merchandise including singlets, mouse pads and so on. Winners can come and redeem the movie tickets and merchandise anytime between 7.00pm and 8.55pm on August 15 at GSC Tropicana City Mall.

Ticket Winners:

Lee Mun Cheong (XXXXXX-XX-6633)
Kumaragurubalan (XXXXXX-XX-5587)
Mohd Basir Bin Mustafa (XXXXXX-XX-5265)
Henry Chin (XXXXXX-XX-5753)
Ong E-Laine (XXXXXX-XX-6104)
Mohamad Nizar Damis (XXXXXX-XX-6351)
Hon Kai Choong (XXXXXX-XX-5151)
Navin Jayaram (XXXXXX-XX-5047)
Poon Weng Hong (XXXXXX-XX-5249)
Prakash (XXXXXX-XX-5843)
Christopher Yuen (XXXXXX-XX-6613)

Merchandise Winners:

Sia Guen Ju (XXXXXX-XX-5171)
Muhammad Farhat Haniff (XXXXXX-XX-5253)
Lim Kenny (XXXXXX-XX-5179)
Edwin Yiow Khang Haur (XXXXXX-XX-5641)

Please take note that the tickets are only valid for use for the 9.00pm slot in Hall 1 of GSC Tropicana City Mall on the same day, and are not usable for any other date, time or location. Also take note that seating is on a free-seating basis.