petronas lam

If you happen to be at the Petronas Twin Towers and game to try something novel, then the interactive wall display at the visitor’s centre is just the thing for you.

The interactive wall is part of a teaser campaign for something called Liquid And Metal, and offers a different kind of game. Using kinect sensors, you can move the liquid and metal elements on the screen according to the direction you move your arms.

You’ll need two to tango, or in this case, play – the objective is to push the elements on each side of the screen to the centre. When the two elements from each side merge with each other, a short animation comes on.

petronas lam 2

A mercury-like swirl happens, and one of five items emerges from the swirl – it could be a mechanical heart, a diamond grille, a piston, a shark or headlights. The interesting bit is seeing how you (or other people) attempt to merge the two elements together, and the different results that come out of it.

No prizes for attempting or managing the feat, but it’s all good fun, and entertainingly so. The interactive wall will be on display until Jan 18, so you’ve got some time left to do this particular jiggle.