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Here’s how you can learn all about Castrol Magnatec and how it helps provide instant protection for your engine, and have fun while at that. What’s even nicer is that you might walk away with a cool iPad Mini.

It’s a 3D Augmented Reality game called the Castrol Magnatec Intelligent Molecules Defence Challenge, and it’s playable via a free mobile and tablet app. Available on both iOs and Android platform, all you have to do is download the app and the AR marker. You can check out Castrol Malaysia’s Facebook page for further details.

Once that’s done, simply click on the game to play and point on the Castrol Magnatec AR marker. When the game starts, the objective is to destroy as many enemies as possible to earn points. You’ll get 10 points for Harmful Deposits, 20 points for Heat and 40 points for Metal Particles. Once you’ve completed your game, submit the score.

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At the end of every round, you’ll be able to attempt to enhance game play and improve your chances for a higher score by answering a trivia question. Get it right and you’ll unlock one of three enhancements (more powerful ammunition, increased fire rate or stronger defense), which will be activated in your following game.

Weekly prizes will see the top three participants with the highest score bagging a year’s supply of Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 (four 4.0 litre packs), and the person with the highest score earned during a single gameplay at the end of the contest period will take home the iPad Mini.

The contest ends on January 31, so you’ve got a week more to go for it! Head on over to download the app and find out more about the game here. No better way to learn about the issues of engine protection and the solution to them than via the 3D Augmented Reality “See, Hear & Feel the Difference” journey.