maa-salesThe Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) recently held a press conference to announce the total automotive industry volume (TIV) for 2012, a record breaking 627,753 units registered. The previous highest number was 605,156 units in 2010. For context, the 2012 TIV for Thailand is 1,291,468 units while 1,026,758 units were sold in Indonesia.

As announced earlier this month, Perodua retains its number one spot with 189,137 units for a 30.1% market share, while Proton sold 141,121 units for 22.5%, which is a drop. They are followed by the non-national segment champ Toyota with 105,151 units (16.8%), Nissan with 36,271 units (5.8%) and Honda with 34,950 units (5.6%). Nissan and Honda swapped places from the 2011 chart.

Volkswagen is the best performing European brand at sixth spot (13,003 units), ahead of Hyundai-Inokom (11,938), Mitsubishi (11,652), Isuzu (10,673, amazing for a one old model brand) and Suzuki (8,087). That’s the top-10 for you.

In the premium brand mini-league, BMW is tops with 6,318 units, followed by Mercedes-Benz (5,905), Lexus (1,471) and Audi (1,414).

Looking forward, MAA says that Malaysia’s TIV is expected to increase 2% to 640,000 units this year. Its president, Datuk Aishah Ahmad, said about 200 new models would be unveiled this year to help achieve the numbers. Yes, 200, as reported by Bernama. “I will let representatives from the car companies announce the car models,” she told the press conference.