proton preve hatch spy 2013 1

After a busy January being seen out on the road, things quietened down for the Proton Preve P3-22A hatchback somewhat, but it looks like road-going evaluation has begun again. In earnest too at that, with no less than three Preve hatches seen in convoy fashion at Jalan Merui earlier today, on an urban test cycle run.

The shots were taken by our events guys, Ronald and Charles, who happened to be on location doing a recce and saw the partially covered cars (a black and two white examples) ambling along in traffic. Nice work, fellas!

You’ve seen the test mules before – in January, on the 6th, 10th, 16th and 28th – so this photo set doesn’t really reveal anything new aside from it being the first time the hatch has been snapped wearing steel wheels. It’s also the first time there’s more than one car caught in one go. Theophilus Chin has of course offered an idea of how the Prevé hatch will look like, with his renderings to be found here.