Our third recorded Proton Prevé hatchback sighting finds a camouflaged P3-22A at a set of lights in Putra Heights. Of course, you’ve seen the test mules before – once and twice – so this picture doesn’t reveal anything new, save perhaps for a confirmation that the third brake light is mounted on the rear spoiler.

Still, it’s the clearest shot we have of the car to date, the first to offer a dead-on view of the back and the only one with the brake lights on. Any new angle is appreciated (we want to see as much of the car as possible, don’t we?), so much thanks go to reader Guna for this one.

At the Thai and Australian launches of the Prevé, Proton said that we can expect the hatchback variant to debut sometime this year; as always, we’ll keep you in the loop. Meanwhile, check out Theophilus Chin‘s rendering here.