These spyshots of the P3-22A Proton Preve Hatchback are probably the clearest and most high resolution we’ve seen so far. They were captured by reader Akmal along a route from Genting Highlands onto the Duke Highway, and then joining up to the NKVE.

According to Akmal, the Proton Preve sedan that you can see in one of the photos was escorting the P3-22A hatchback, and at one point it even squeezed into a space in between Akmal’s car and the P3-22A while they were in the same lane, presumably to prevent photos from being snapped. We were told there was some tailgating and random braking going on to deter avid spyshot snappers on the road.

It seems that whenever the P3-22A is out for testing, there’s an escort nearby, giving some weight to the theory that the Polo Sedan that suddenly started tailgating the P3-22A in another video could have been an escort wanting to obstruct the rear view of the P3-22A to prevent photography.

Enjoy the spyshots below as Akmal managed to get plenty of angles, including the full-on side angle shot you see above, which was possible because the P3-22A slowed down after a toll booth to wait for the Preve sedan to catch up. Check out our P3-22A category for more coverage.