BMW X4 Concept

This set of five photos is a first look at BMW’s Auto Shanghai 2013 debutant, the BMW X4 Concept. It’s essentially a Sport Activity Coupe to accompany the BMW X3, much like the BMW X6 complements the more traditionally-shaped BMW X5 in BMW’s SUV range.

Though it may have the word Concept tagged onto its official name, these images show a car that’s very close to production. All you need to do is take away the huge wheels and lose some of that chrome bits. Just look at the 4-Series Concept versus the production car that was sighted undisguised recently.

I won’t be surprised if there’s a BMW X2 coming up next, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Since Auto Shanghai 2013 is happening this month, we’re expecting a full press kit on the X4 Concept soon.