jaime dempsey

On to week three of the History Watch & Win contest, in which answering a couple of questions correctly will see you in the running to win weekly prizes, which include TIMEX watches as well as official merchandise such as caps and t-shirts all worth a total of RM3,000.

You’ll need to tune in to History on Astro Channel 555 or Astro Channel 575 for some of the answers, of course, and this you can do by catching Counting Cars and Ride N’ Seek.

Counting Cars has Danny “The Count” Koker and his crew acquiring and restoring classic cars and motorcycles, which are then “flipped” for profit. Examples include the highly sought-after Ford Thunderbird, the Chevrolet Corvette as well as souped-up Harleys.

Counting Cars

As for Ride N’ Seek, avid biker Jaime Dempsey goes on an epic road trip with her Harley, exploring both mainstream and “off the beaten track” routes. What makes Ride N’ Seek extra special is the fact that Jaime will be riding all over Peninsular Malaysia, visiting interesting places and trying out Malaysian food.

Just catch both shows and answer the questions exclusively on paultan.org. The History Watch & Win contest is a six-week long competition, which ends in mid-July. There will be two questions every week, one from each show.

Congratulations to Week Two winner Chelvathurai Kunasekaram, who walks away with a TIMEX watch and a t-shirt. Week Three questions can be found after the jump, and here’s where it gets more exciting – from now to the end of the contest, there’ll be two winners each week. You can catch both Counting Cars and Ride N’ Seek every Monday at 9.30 pm and 10 pm respectively.

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