The upcoming Honda Civic Tourer will debut the company’s Adaptive Damper System when it arrives in select European markets early next year. To be offered as an optional extra, the system enhances stability and comfort under varying load and driving conditions by having three different modes: Dynamic, Normal and Comfort.

Honda claims its unique damper system to be a world first in a production model. Now, active damping isn’t a new thing; it’s been around before the millennium turned. Honda’s claim isn’t exactly false, however, as this is indeed the first system to be fitted to the rear axle only. The fronts continue to use conventional dampers.

The decision is driven by cost, and not necessarily innovation, it must be said. Honda told Autocar UK that by dropping the adaptive units on the front it can produce “an adaptive chassis with 80% of the functionality of a four-corner system but at half the cost, weight and complexity”. Makes sense, as long as the savings are passed on to the buyers.

That aside, the Honda Civic Tourer promises to offer class-competitive utility despite having a more dynamic shape (much like the SEAT Leon ST we saw yesterday). We will find out soon enough, as the Swindon-built estate will be unveiled in full production form at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.