Remember our previous report about PSA’s multi-level brand restructuring? It was said that Citroen’s C-line range will form the group’s entry-level offerings, while the Peugeot brand is pushed upmarket to take on Volkswagen’s semi-premium market. Topping it all off will be the DS range from Citroen.

Now comes the fruit of that radical shakeup. Autocar UK reports that Citroen will be bringing the first of its new ‘simple’ C-line model lineup to the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, debuting the brand’s new focus.

The first C-line model is expected to be a direct replacement of the ageing Citroen C3. The report also suggests that it will feature Citroen’s typically bold styling, but one that is inspired by the minimalist design of 2010’s Lacoste Concept (shown here).

Pitching itself as a value proposition next to more upmarket Peugeots will give Citroen’s new base models more breathing room while increasing the breadth of PSA’s market reach. Future models of the DS arm will be spun off and remoulded into a brand of its own, positioned above Peugeot and by extension, Volkswagen.