mazda vietnam aIt’s a full deck for Mazda, which has announced that its vehicles will be sold in all ten ASEAN countries by 2014 – Myanmar is the last card to be opened, and joins the fold in the first half of next year. The automaker recently kick started its presence in Cambodia with the opening of its first dealership in Phnom Penh.

Located on Russian Boulevard, the outlet is operated by Mazda’s local partner, HGB Auto, which also sells Kia and Rolls-Royce in the country. Five models will make the initial model range in the country, according to reports. The CX-5 SUV, as well as the ‘new look’ CX-9 and Mazda6 sedan, will be sourced from Japan, while the Mazda3 and BT-50 pickup will come from the company’s Thai factory.

In Myanmar, pre-order bookings will begin in November at a temporary dealership in Yangon, and the first Mazda dealer will be officially opened in the first half of 2014. Myanmar will sell the same range of models as Cambodia does, with only one minor difference – the Mazda2 swaps places with the Mazda3.

The automotive scene is certainly heating up in the country – the Tata Nano made Myanmar its first ASEAN destination earlier this year, while Nissan has announced plans to enter the market in a larger way, with local production of small passenger cars and pickup trucks for domestic consumption on the cards.