How would you celebrate your birthday? With a cake? Dinner with your significant other? Bentley has decided instead to celebrate its 95th year in business by building 15 special units of the Bentley Mulsanne, dubbed (rather imaginatively) the Bentley Mulsanne 95.

What differentiates a 95 from a normal Mulsanne, you may ask? Well, it comes in three unique colours – Britannia Blue, Empire Red and Oxford White (clearly trading on its British heritage, despite being German-owned) – as well as a dark tint finish on the “Flying B” bonnet ornament and 21-inch alloy wheels.

The Britishness shows up elsewhere in the form of illuminated door sill plates that feature the Union Jack as well as the “Ninety Five” script. In addition, a “95” emblem also incorporating the flag has been embroidered onto the front and rear seats as well as engraved onto the wooden passenger fascia panel.

Speaking of wood, the Fulbeck Walnut veneer found in the cabin was taken from a large walnut tree, estimated to be around 300-400 years old, that fell during a heavy storm in Fulbeck Hall, Lincolnshire in 2007. The veneer features a distinctive “ring of wood” pattern that results in a ripple effect that emanates throughout the interior. This is complemented by, yup, you guessed it, blue and white leather upholstery with red contrast stitching.

Want one? Too bad – the Bentley Mulsanne 95 is only available in the UK, priced at a cool £259,980 (RM1,408,000).