Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato-01

Here’s a very different Lamborghini from the one you saw this morning. The Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato Concept is an official collaboration between Automobili Lamborghini and Zagato, with the purpose of “creating a real contemporary collectible car”.

It might not be obvious under all those curves, but the 5-95 Zagato is based on the Gallardo LP570-4, Lambo’s all-time best seller that was recently replaced by the Huracan. The Milanese coachbuilder maintained all the technical constraints of the original car but penned the 5-95 according to its philosophy of functionalism and rationalism.

Two “strong” themes define the design: the volume of the front fender that bites the bonnet, integrating the functions of the lights and the secondary air intakes, and the rear end starting from the centre of the car that gives it a thrust.

Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato-04

Up front, a floating spoiler takes inspiration from the Lamborghini Raptor Zagato, coming to a carbon fibre firewall that conceals the front air intakes. Continuous glass surfaces – a technical and stylistic theme launched by Zagato in the end of the 40s on the panoramic bodies, and reapplied in the 80s – surround the pillar-less body.

The side intakes, again following the Raptor, have been visually reduced to the minimum thanks to an air scoop on the roof as well as additional apertures concealed in the glass surfaces. The air scoop is functionally integrated with the double bubble roof, a signature of Zagato design.

The monolithic rear volume is chopped off by the typical truncated tail and reveals the brutality of mechanical components protruding from the area such as tail lamps heat release, aerodynamic features and the active spoiler. The rear volume has been slightly reduced introducing a “coda tronca” (truncated tail) to emphasise the perception of leap.

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