Huracan Polizia 01

The Italian Polizia must be rubbing their hands with glee, after Lamborghini donated the Huracan LP 610-4 to the force. The Huracans will replace the Gallardos used by the Italian police since 2004 and 2008, and will begin service by the end of this year.

Since 2004, Rome’s police force has operated the first-gen Gallardo, with a further Gallardo run by Bologna police since 2005. Both were replaced in 2008 by second-gen cars. In the hands of Rome police, the Lambo clocked over 140,000 km up until 2008, and more than 110,000 km between 2009 and 2014 for patrol duty on central and southern Italian motorways, as well as on emergency medical transport detail. Aside from regular servicing, neither of the cars required major repairs.

In addition to being an effective deterrent (do you really want to try outrun a police Lambo?), the equipment on board these fast patrol cars include automatic number plate recognition and tracking, and real-time transmission of images to control rooms.

Huracan Polizia 02

A video system is positioned in the centre of the cabin with a camera fitted next to the rear view mirror, plus a computer and recording equipment behind the seats. As soon as officers are alerted to a suspicious driver, they activate a “Proof Video Data System” that can accurately determine the speed of the car being pursued.

The Huracan Polizia is also fitted with a classic array of police kit, such as a gun holster, radio equipment and the “Paletta”, the traditional hand-held stop sign used to advise traffic offenders to pull over. Officers can then use a removable screen to show motorists their misdeeds immediately, with all the associated data. An aero-optimised police beacon and four sirens announce its arrival.

Interestingly, the Lambo’s front luggage compartment is equipped with a refrigeration system for safe transportation of donor organs. For extreme emergencies, there is also a life-saving defibrillator on board.

So if you ever see one of these Lambos on the autostrade when on holiday, stay clear. The Huracan you can buy made its debut in March at the Geneva show – click here for more on the 610 hp V10-powered beast.