lego mini 01

Danish toy manufacturer Lego is adding a car to its Creator Expert series – the classic Mini will begin selling online exclusively via from August 1.

The 1,007-piece kit is an accurate replica of the legendary small car, with the body finished in British Racing Green and a transversely-mounted four-cylinder mill to be found under the operable hood, among other things.

Fully assembled, the right-hand drive Lego Mini measures in at 25 cm long, 14 cm wide and 11 cm tall, keeping in line with the model’s characteristic proportions.

lego mini 02

Providing contrast to the British Racing Green exterior is a roof, exterior mirror caps and bonnet stripes finished in white. The wheels, bumpers, door hinges as well as headlamps and taillights fully reflect the original’s design. A spare wheel is also to be found, located in the bottom compartment of the boot.

Emblems on the rear side body sections indicate that the Lego replica is based on the Mini Cooper produced from August 1997 to July 1998, to mark the 40th anniversary of the classic Mini.

The doors and tailgate can be opened, offering a view of the interior, which features checked-pattern beige seats and movable steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake handle, backrests and headrests. A fully packed picnic basket, complete with a checked blanket, is tucked away in the boot.