A press release bearing a Singapore Land Transport Authority logo was circulated on social media late last week, claiming that Singapore was raising its side of Causeway toll rates to match the increase on the Malaysian side which came into effect on August 1 2014.

The press release has been confirmed by the LTA as being fake, but not before mainstream media published news reports citing the circulated press release as if it were an official statement by the LTA. The press release claimed that passenger car toll rates would be increased from S$1.20 (approximately RM3.05) to S$2.70 (approximately RM6.85) from September 15 2014.

This does not mean a toll increase will not happen though, as Singapore LTA said they will be matching the increased rates on the Malaysian side “in due course”, without specifying any timeline.

The toll charges on the Malaysian side is RM6.80 when you leave Malaysia and RM9.70 when you re-enter Malaysia, up from a one-way RM2.90 charge before August 1 2014.