IIMS 2014 Sirion Grey 1

As mentioned in a previous story, the Daihatsu stand at the 2014 Indonesia International Motor Show is pretty relevant for Malaysians, with Daihatsu and our local market leader Perodua being sisters. The Daihatsu Sirion sold in the archipelago is the best example – launched at IIMS 2011, it is a Daihatsu-badged Perodua Myvi that is made in Rawang, Malaysia.

The Sirion isn’t as popular in Indonesia as the the Myvi is here, but it hasn’t escaped the tuning and customisation scene. Seen here are two winning cars that participated in the local Sirion Dress-Up Challenge. They have been worked on extensively, inside and out. The grey car is done up in a sporty “street racing” way, while the one in army camouflage follows an “adventure” theme.

The latter is more interesting to us, with a roof rack, front and side metal bars, a tow bar and off-road tyres for the full 4X4 effect. The interior has a jungle theme too, with a leafy pattern on the seats, door cards and dashboard. Pretty creative, no?

The sporty, wide-bodied one is fronted by a bold bumper with curves outlined in orange, looking very aggressive as a result. There’s also a previous-gen Honda City-style louvered grille and big 17-inch wheels with giant Brembo calipers holding small stock discs. At the back, the big bumper accomodates large “air intakes”, a diffuser and twin pipes. This writer nearly suffered from retinal burn photorgaphing the interior.

Like the Daihatsu Ayla GT2 Concept for future Axia owners, this Sirion duo could inspire some Myvi owners looking to stand out. Daihatsu also showed the UFC-3 and CUV-2 concepts in Jakarta, which could be previews of the next Alza and a new Kembara, respectively.

Daihatsu Sirion “Adventure Concept”

Daihatsu Sirion “Street Racing”